Thursday, July 28, 2011

Fur: Primitive VS Glamorous

Real or Faux
Love them or Loathe them?

Well apparently I'm still behind on this whole 'blogging' thing. If I'm not finding wonderful treasures then I'm taking Photos. Not taking photos, I'm editing. Not editing, I'm listing. Not listing? I'm probably asleep then. It' a rare thing, but this vampire does indeed sleep.

She might not have a social life, but she makes time for the sandman!

So... one of my consignors is moving and she called me to come look through all of these...amazing furs. Several collars, a silver fox coat, two sort of honey blonde colored minks. Beautiful pieces.

Several of which belonged to her mother, one super fashionable woman, who worked at a furrier in the late 40s and early 50s.

[pictured to right: 'The Millionaire' ]

And just so you know, I'm not advocating the murder of animals here. Don't get me wrong and by all means, don't attack me. It won't get you anywhere.

I know when fur or leather are brought up in some circles it creates this IMMEDIATE need to just...throw pigs blood on someone who happens to be wearing something not so vegan friendly.
Since the beginning of time furs, leather, bones and meat have all been used for survival.

[pictured to left: 'I've Been Spotted']

Do we NEED to wear real fur now to keep warm? Not always, no.

Does every person who wears a glamorous fur, murder baby critters in their downtime? Newp.

I've actually run across some fabulous vendors on Etsy who find animals that have been hit by cars or killed in some other way. Whether they're skunks or rabbits or possums. They take them and use the fur of that poor animal to create anything from hats to gloves to purses. There's nothing wrong with salvaging and I find it admirable, actually. This poor animal died and they're making use of something that would have been scraped off of the road and discarded.

My first fur.

Yes. I got my first mink as a gift from my dad when I was a few months old. He bought it in New York for me - a little mink cape with a sort of plaid pattern to it... and tails hanging off of it. Boy, did I used to think those tails were something special. He told me he bought it so I'd 'shut up'. Haha, apparently even at that age I was pretty open minded. "DID IT WORK!?" I asked him. "What do YOU think?" he replied.

I still have it and actually thought to add a photo of me when I was little, swaddled in it but um... I was a really ugly baby, so I'll pass on spreading my alien noggin' around the interwebs.

Of course, I no longer have a 'new' furs and even my little cape is considered vintage now at the tender age of 25.
I love finding vintage pelts - the smell, the touch and th
e history stored away in each discarded piece. Hats, gloves, jackets, capes & collars all waiting for a new home. For new history and new life. BUY VINTAGE!
If you adore that 50's glamour look, then seek it out! Whether you're thrifting or buying online, go for the good stuff! Skip out of those fresh furs and give an old treasure a new home!

[pictured below: 'Come Here Honey']

I'll leave you with a clip from my ALL TIME favorite TV show.
No one tops Lucy!
If you don't own these on DVD, you should!

Stay tuned - I'll be posting more often - I hope!
<3 Forgotten Muse