Tuesday, December 14, 2010


By trade I'm an artist; an entrepreneur . I create anything from paintings to websites to business cards to crafty little hair clips. Recently I've added, Business owner to the list. My mother runs FORGOTTEN MUSE's physical location in Summerfield, N.C., while I run our Etsy store.

At our physical location in Summerfield, N.C. (located inside of Golden Antiques and Treasures) you'll find a great assortment of gently used and sometimes brand new, designer consignment items! A brief list of things we've had or have: Prada, Gucci, Michael Kors, David Yurman, Ferragamo, Chanel, Kay Unger, Michael Stars, Ann Taylor, Banana Republic, Chicos, Lilly Pulitzer, Doncaster... Anthropologie brands... the list goes on. From Super high end to high end mall stores; we always keep a great selection of items for you at prices that WON'T break the bank!!

Our Etsy site is quite another story. There, you'll only find unique vintage pieces! As far as Vintage goes, most every piece I carry is a one of a kind item.

In my Etsy store, you'll find everything from the roaring 20s to the awesome 80s! Vintage items are ALWAYS in style, and made to last!

Do I wear Vintage?

Absolutely. I recently moved and completely downsized my closet. I consigned 2/3rd of my *new* clothing and replaced it with Vintage. I'd love to say that I am I snob. That I wear NOTHING but fabulous 50s dresses, butI won't lie. My closet is well rounded with every era. When I find that perfect, long black Lambswool and rabbit hair sweater from the 80s, that features a fabulous HUGE black bow, studded in rhinestones, I have to have it.

My own collection of vintage began when I was plundering through my moms closet at the tender age of 11 or so. I would slip into her cork wedge sandals and her homemade waist high bell bottoms and matching halter top. I thought I looked great. Girls at school laughed at me.... Seriously. Who's laughing now? I was way ahead of my time, I tell ya! ;)

But I digress. When you're searching for the perfect wedding outfit, when you're searching for that head turning Holiday dress, when you're picking out the perfect picnic frock... shop VINTAGE! :)