Sunday, January 15, 2012

what i wore - day one

post office


The era stays mainly true to the 1960s.
The earrings are from an estate. (local purchase)
The sweater is mustard yellow and thrifted. (current )
The pencil skirt is a beautiful green tweed. (etsy find)
The shoes are amazing - Seychelles. (amazon and current)
The gloves are chocolate brown with a tiny  brown
 pearl for decoration (thrifted  and vintage)

All SO very simple.

Getting 'dolled up' doesn't have to mean digging into the
back of your closet for a ball gown. Simply pulling
on a wonderful button up and a high fitting skirt
can do the trick!

The coat. I've already been asked about this fabulous coat.
VERY 60s. Shawl collar.  Swing style. Three quarter sleeves.
Heavy and crafted from a floral tapestry fabric.
The pattern is just amazing. The colors  just give it a
'wild cat' in the jungle feel.

The coat was a gift from a dear friend in California.
It was actually purchased, with me in tow, at a vintage
store in Burbank called, "Hubba Hubba"

If you look at the reviews of the stores you might
feel terrified to step into the store.

The owner is a GEM. An absolute character. While others
felt insulted, I felt at home. She was  great to us - 
she even guessed our signs based on our interaction
with each other.

The prices were great and rumor has it the cast AND
the wardrobe department for MAD MEN shopped there.

That's it for now, beautiful girls!
♥ Forgotten Muse


  1. Exactly what I want to see! Love love love! So much love! Would you believe me if I told you I was eyeing the same shoes but in turquoise? Gosh you are such a beauty! It's like you were transported from the era where class and elegance are so natural and carried in the blood. I love that skirt, love the details!


    1. Nora, you already know you're just about my favorite person on the interwebs! You're soo sweet!!!
      And YES! I have those shoes in all three colors. They're comfortable, stylish and go with *everything*. I should be their spokes model. ;) PST! Did you hear me, Seychelles?

      Ahhh more to come, Nora dear!


  2. Love that skirt, lady! What a good idea for the blog--looking forward to seeing your fabulous outfits!

    1. Thank you so much Lisa! I hope to be updating on a regular basis now! :)