Monday, February 6, 2012


the sin of coveting

Oh. oh. oh. The things we don't need - but we
just have to get our little, greedy paws on.
If you're an avid Etsy browser, I know you've felt it.
You're simply bored after a long day at work
Maybe you've just watched the latest episode of "Mad Men"
or a classic on AMC. Like an African cat, you're on the hunt
for treasure - that dress you saw January Jones sporting -
that hat that Katherine Hepburn had on in the last scene.

You begin your search with a simple word into the Etsy search engine.

Each world opens a gateway to infinite possibilities 
You find yourself drowning in a sea of frocks and
frills. Of lace and velvet. Of Ruffle and buttons.

That's not define enough. You're sorting through
1980s clothing when you'd rather be in the 1930s.

Define your decade.
00s.   20s.   30s.   40s.   50s.   60s.   70s.   80s.

Still, there are too many choices.
narrow it down by color.

Is that her?
Is that the one you were dreaming of?
It is.

The one thing that makes your heart stand still.

Without hesitation you favorite her.
You click "ADD TO CART".
You go to check out.
You hesitate.
Your finger itches... you want to buy her.

But, do you?
what holds you back?

                                                      .Tell me something. 

I have a fairly well stocked selection - and I hope to be
adding more in by the end of the week - so tell me.
Do you covet... do you want something in my store but
mayhaps your funds are low - maybe your conscience
keeps you from making the commitment?

If you're like me - you have 17 pages of goodies that
you want but 'splurging' fund enough for one or two!

I love give away's and deals just as much as the next
fashionista. SO I'm running two giveaways right now
 each of them for a store credit.

fifty bucks
For this giveaway simply find that item in my store
that sweeps your heart off of it's feet. For me it was
the dress pictured to the left *sigh* oh how I loved
thee. Maybe that item has already  sold but you want
to tell me about it anyway.

Now go below this post and comment. Tell me what it is
and  why it has to be yours!

After you do that just 'follow' this blog and link it to your friends -
everyone loves a chance to win!

A random drawing will determine the winner


  1. Being impractical because I would never have anywhere to wear it but the 80's Star Power dress. It looks like it has such a mid to late 1930's feel and I love the dresses from that era. The detail is stunning and the key hole in the back gives it a bit more sexiness. With the detail finishing at the waist it would give such an hour glass feel, I have a rather small waist but it would make it look even better. I adore it so much and so many times click on it just to stare at the pictures.

  2. You probably already know how I feel about this dress, but you Princess Plum is just so bloody gorgeous and I've thought about it so many times (don't really wear another dress don't really get to wear them much). I love how it looks on you and gosh I could only wish that it would look that good on me too! And you know how I promise myself to look more Jean Seberg and less teenage lesbian so that dress will be a good start! Hahahah love!


  3. I've had the Nike dress favorited for so so long, but I can convince myself to buy it when I could be buying more practical (work) attire my closet is lacking. But I loooooove it and have a event coming up that it would be perfect for!

  4. I have been in pure awe of the eggshell white silk holiday jacket for several weeks now. I am astonished by the intricate work that went into every stitch and every bead. I think about purchasing this jacket daily, but I am consistently pulled back by my need to consider the practicality of this jacket to my life in view of my current financial uncertainty.

    To me, clothing can deepen a feeling; I think it is like putting the final touches on a painting. The photo of you in the black velvet dress and this delicate yet strong jacket stirs in me a darkly whimsical mood, a mood of intensity and sage innocence. As a psychologist, I believe that aesthetics are important in making us feel more connected with each other and our own internal sense of self. This jacket stirs emotion up in me. If I were to own it, it would certainly be a special piece of clothing, worn to create harmony between my internal and external experiencing of the world.

  5. I love the 70s Check Please dress. Anything in navy blue gets my vote, plus it looks totally flattering.

  6. Following on GFC + tweeted at!/coniecone/status/167061721754775553

  7. Oh boy, the piece I covet is the Wild Ponies In my bed black night gown
    Here ->

    I have it in my etsy favorites, but it was sold before I could purchase it. oh regret. The low back is so stunningly beautiful

  8. Here's my Tupence worth! I totally and completely covet this gorgeous 60s nightie! Adorable! I'll tweet it right now although I hope it doesn't sell cos if I win I plan on buying it ha ha

  9. Oh my!
    A 50% discount, according to your facebook status? *_*
    I covet the... " 80s - Selenas Night Out - long black heavily beaded sleeveless dress with gold detail - size s m, listing #92037156 "
    It's gorgeous....! I'm a fan of clothes of the 80s, much to the astonishment of my mom ^^
    It would look perfect on me 'cause I'm tall and thin... but broke! :) Also, in june, we have a Gala at my university, and I really need something to wear to that... :)
    Oh pretty please, I need it ^^
    Take care,

  10. *Oh sorry I meant a 50$ credit not a 50% discount ^^ *