Sunday, April 17, 2011

A hard days work for a cat... and new additions!

Firstly. I have to share with you a picture of Neffie. While I listed Jewelry and bags from three separate, wonderful consignors my cat and trusted companion, Queen Neferkitty or Neffie, as I call her, decided she'd waddle into the work room with me and lay on my note book. At first she was quite literally laying across my it and then rolled away, only allowing her head to occupy my work sheets.

I thought I'd take a shot of her to share.

Nextly, I have some awesome new costume jewelry pieces hitting the Etsy store tonight and tomorrow and even a Brighton bag! I'm really excited about all of the little faux earrings I'll be listing - they're great pieces!
Here's a sample of what to expect...

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